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An enjoyable and supportive working environment is the platform upon which everything else is built. We believe that excellent client service and long term business success can only be achieved by creating a great place to work.

We aim to create a strong team spirit throughout the firm and to ensure that people feel valued and encouraged to be the best they possibly can be.

We also recognise that the world of work is changing, and with it, the need for a more agile approach to how we work. We place our people and workplace at the heart of our plans and understand that listening to our people's needs helps us to support wellbeing, effectiveness and motivation.

If you are a positive and determined person with a genuine interest in providing great client service you would fit in well at Awdry Bailey & Douglas. Having outside interests, a sense of humour and a can do attitude are other things we value.

Attitude and character are the most important things.  We value knowledge and experience and of course they play a central role in providing great client service but your overall approach to life, work and the ability to build strong business relationships with clients and colleagues will really determine how successful you are.  That's why positive, helpful, enthusiastic people do well here and it's certainly the right environment for you if you have a wider view of life.

We are always happy to talk to great people so if you like the sound of working for a positive, supportive firm and have drive, enthusiasm, and want to make a difference, please contact us by dropping an email to [email protected] 

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