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In any relationship breakdown involving the parents of children, the interests of the children are paramount. The onus on making satisfactory arrangements for children initially lies with the parents, and where satisfactory arrangements are made, the Court will usually not interfere.

A conciliatory approach is almost always best when dealing with problems about children since one must always remember that the major breakdown is in the relationship between the parents and not in the relationship between individual parents and their children.

We believe that the best results involving children are through listening, understanding, and conciliatory negotiation. However, on occasions, this approach fails, and then we are able to provide strong and effective representation in Court.

The most common problems involve disputes between parents over where a child will live and/or contact arrangements.  We can advise on the appropriateness of applying for a Residence Order or a Contact Order.  Sometimes specific individual problems need to be resolved for which either a Specific Issue Order or a Prohibited Steps Order may be appropriate.

Grandparents sometimes want contact with grandchildren and we can help with this.