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Landlord & Tenant Disputes

The law governing the relationship between Landlords and Tenants is complicated and ever evolving.

Our lawyers have extensive experience dealing with broad range of landlord and tenant issues and we act for tenants, private and commercial landlords, managing agents, letting/estate agents, property developers and trust funds.

For matters which are not disputes, see residential leasehold or commercial property.

Private & Commercial Landlords

Private landlords often attempt to deal with matters themselves in order to speed up the process or reduce costs. Unfortunately, this is a false economy as the penalties and ramifications of failing to comply, often greatly outstrip the initial savings which were made.

The myriad rules and regulations facing both private and commercial landlords means an experienced landlord and tenant lawyer is invaluable when dealing with your property.

We provide a cost-effective service for:-

•  Ending Tenancies/Possession proceedings
•  Recovering unpaid rent/Payment for damage
•  Enforcement of covenants in leases
•  Service charge disputes/recovery
•  Recovery of rent arrears
•  Removal of squatters
•  Nuisance actions


The increased popularity of buy-to-let mortgages over the past two decades has significantly increased the number of part time Landlords who are unaware or unsure of the rules, regulations and the implications of failing to comply with them.

We represent tenants on a wide range of issues which include the following:-

•  Providing advice if your landlord breaches your tenancy agreement
•  Challenging claims to recover disputed rent arrears and alleged repair costs
•  Challenging possession/eviction proceedings
•  Seeking compensation for disrepair
•  Enforcement of covenants in leases
•  Service charge disputes/recovery
•  Nuisance actions