Having reached the difficult decision to separate, what about the children?

The Family Team at ABD are acutely aware of the impact that any separation, no matter how amicable, will have upon the children of the family.

As members of Resolution we will always seek to try and resolve issues between separating parents as amicably as possible and ensure that all communication and correspondence is appropriate.

Children love both parents and it is in their best interest to have and maintain a loving relationship with both parents and for both parents to seek to promote this. Children are often generally aware of the difficulties between their parents; they will hear or see things despite the best intentions of all involved.

We also appreciate there may be cases where for a variety of reasons children are estranged from one parent. Even in those cases the Court is clear that unless there are welfare issues to be considered then a relationship is to be promoted.

How can we try to help and support you?

At ABD we seek to encourage all parties to communicate with each other respectfully in respect of arrangements for the children. This also applies to third parties involved with the children such as extended family members.

We appreciate this can be difficult, especially when one parent is upset due to the breakdown of the marriage and has sought support from third parties. It is important however, to ensure that children are protected from negative views of either parent; they shouldn’t be involved in the issues surrounding the breakdown of the marriage or reference to blame and fault.

If parents can co-operate with each other and encourage others to do so, this ensures pressure on the children is minimised and enables them to focus on their future and wellbeing.

You will be involved in their lives for many years to come and think about it from their perspective. How much easier will it be if they can be comfortable with both parents’ being part of their future.

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