Thinking of using an online divorce service? A cautionary tale from our expert Family Law team…

Are you thinking of using an online divorce service? Whilst it might initially seem attractive, you need to question what level of service you will receive and the possibility of future repercussions.

A family court Judge dismissed 28 Divorce petitions from the same Internet “Divorce” service after finding that the wording used as to examples of behaviour were ‘absolutely identical’ to each other.

Mr Justice Moor declined to refer those responsible to the Director of Public Prosecutions but warned he would have ‘no hesitation’ in doing so if there was any repeat.

And it’s not just Divorce Petitions – the one size fits all approach can be disastrous when it comes to settling the important financial aspects of a Divorce.

Using simplistic standard templates and a “cut & paste” culture can fail to address loopholes and set you up for problems ahead. Not least, errors caused by a lack of knowledge and legal training can sometimes mean that settlements may be rejected by the Court, leaving the potential for future financial claims wide open.

The cost of such advice may initially seem attractive, but there is a risk that you may end up not even getting what you paid for. There is no substitute for good quality, professional advice and the peace of mind that goes with it.

Please also be aware that some of the services provided may not even have a qualified family lawyer assisting behind the scenes. Using unregulated and unqualified “services” could leave you feeling even more lost and overwhelmed.

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