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Legal Fees

We are committed to providing straightforward information about legal fees at the outset of every instruction and to giving clients choices about pricing structures and payment methods.

Across different work types there are alternative pricing models. Some of these only apply to certain types of work but throughout the firm there is a commitment to openness and transparency and to ensure that all our clients fully understand the likely cost of their work and the choices that are available to them. The alternative pricing structures include:-

  • Fee Ranges (legal fees capped within a defined work scope)
  • Fixed Fees (legal fees fixed within a defined work scope)
  • Hourly Rates (with or without a price range, depending on the nature of the work)
  • Conditional/Contingent Fees and Damages Based Agreements
  • Success Fees
  • Retainers
  • Combined pricing options

We provide information below about particular areas of work.

Debt Recovery